Claim prize

• First things first, if you've been contacted by us and have been identified as a winner then you have actually won a competition prize... so don't ignore us!

•You will receive an email from us indicating that you are a winner, You will need to respond to the email and follow the instructions in-order to redeem your prize which is just a few short steps away. It's really as simple as that! Remember to check your junk/spam folder as unfortunately even genuine emails can be marked as junk.

• Should we not receive a response from you within 48 hours then we will send you a follow up email to try and further indicate that you are a winner.

• If we have still not had a response from our follow up email then we will contact you via telephone - We understand that you may receive hoax calls from time to time claiming you are a winner of an unknown competition however we have the information at hand to prove who we are, what we do and of course the competition that you entered yourself in to, so give us a chance to prove it's not a hoax!

• Should you have any queries then please feel free to contact us at or alternatively you can get in touch by calling us at 01225 430091.